Service Agreement


By logging in to The Sign Post Pros website, you, The Customer, or any entity or person working on your behalf are agreeing to this Service Agreement.

We take each install seriously and strive to deliver the quickest and most reliable service in Spokane and surrounding areas.


  1. This Service Agreement serves as authorization for The Sign Post Pros to process your credit card (if on file) for payment of installation, removal costs and post maintenance.
  2. Reimburse The Sign Post Pros for:
    • Any damaged, lost or stolen equipment
    • The Sign Post Pros is not responsible for replacement or cost of lost, missing or damage customer signs.
    • Fines resulting from incorrect placement of a post, as directed or moved by the property owner or agent
    • Fees from utility companies for damaged lines, if customer did not Call 811 to confirm location of utilities prior to installation.
  3. Facilitate the recovery of signs, posts and components
  4. Obtain authorization from appropriate entity when covenants or associations govern a community in which a property is located
  5. Provide detailed, accurate and complete instructions for installation, including:
    • Address, parcel number, cross streets, map coordinates (as information is available)
    • Site markers for installation location (if needed)
    • Telephone number on realtor sign
    • Billing telephone number
  6. It is The Sign Post Pros policy that only employees remove or install our equipment.
  7. If the Homeowner wants the sign post removed prior to The Sign Post Pros removing the sign post, the customer should instruct the Homeowner to just remove the sign only and leave the sign post.


  1. Install and remove sign posts within 2 business days of receipt of service request, unforseen circumstances may delay service requests. (e.g. Windstorm, Snowstorm, etc.)
  2. Follow all instructions from the customer as to location of placement, with regard for all ordinances and regulations.
  3. In the event of sprinkler systems, the customer has concerns about sign post placement the customer must mark or inform us in the special notes or where to place the post or show us in person. The Sign Post Pros does not accept responsibility for the cost of repairs if not given proper instructions on sign post placement. The Sign Post Pros will make every attempt to do as the customer requests.
  4. Manage and provide storage for realtor signs prior to installation. (If needed)
  5. Free storage provided for customer signs. Non-customer signs will be charged $5 per day storage fee until final bill has been paid.

In such case that a customer breaches the agreement, or The Sign Post Pros determines continued equipment use would pose a risk of equipment loss, (e.g., use of more than one sign post company, stating they are changing companies), The Sign Post Pros shall terminate the Service Agreement, remove all equipment from any/all properties of said customer, at customer's expense, and return signage belonging to that customer after final bill has been paid.

In such case that a customer does not use the website or tries to circumvent agreeing to the service agreement by emailing, texting and/or calling The Sign Post Pros, when The Sign Post Pros is contacted by any means to obtain services (Installation, Removal, Maintenance) from The Sign Post Pros, that customer is agreeing to The Sign Post Pros service agreement and is bound by this Service Agreement.